«Kiss of Baikal» — what is it?

Imagine: dozens of tourists lying on the frozen ice of the world’s largest freshwater lake and diligently licking something out of it. No, it’s not water. But there’s a reasonable explanation.
Russian tourists are posting unusual photos on Instagram — lying on the ice of Lake Baikal, they are diligently licking or sucking something out of a tube that sticks right out of the ice. This action is called «Kissing Baikal».

This entertainment was invented by tour guides back in 2019 originally for Chinese tourists, but then it became popular among Russians as well. «The kiss» is presented as a rite of initiation into «Baikalolubes.»

Kiss of Baikal is entertainment for tourists. A man pours wine into improvised glasses from frozen Lake Baikal

The tourist lies down on the ice and drinks his shot.
The new «custom» is to drink the cocktail without a straw, directly touching Baikal with your lips, but you can also use a straw.