Visa to Russia is a necessary condition for foreign citizen to entry into Russia. The type of visa depends on the reasons of the foreigner. So, the type of visa can be:

  • Tourist
  • Educational
  • Private
  • Business
  • Work

Tourist visa is issued for а foreign citizen, who entering Russia as tourist, for a term of up to 30 days. This visa can be a single or double entry.

The visa is issued on the basis of tourist invitation to Russia (a document consisting of a tourist voucher and confirmation of acceptance). Foreign citizens, who wish to obtain a visa to Russia, shall apply to the Russian Consulate for visa processing. The order of presentation of documents is governed directly by the RF mission abroad, for all the necessary information should contact them. The period during which the document is issued, depends on the respective consulate.

The Consulate may request the following documents:

— Tourist Invitation

— Passport (identity document)

— Confirmation of availability of funds

— A completed application form Consulate

—  Medical insurance

Upon arrival in Russia, foreign citizens must register. It should be done during the first seven days of stay in the Russian Federation. Registration is made in the presence of the migration card with a note on crossing the Russian border and identity document. Making a tourist visa is the least troublesome process compared to design other types of visas, such as, , private or working visa. If you have a desire to visit Russia on a short visit, the more convenient and quickest way would be to issue a tourist visa, while the purpose of travel, tourism cannot be.

Tourist visa is a the best choice if you need to visit Russia urgently.

Getting a tourist Visa After You got an invitation, You need to submit it to the Russian consulate and apply for a visa to Russia. For further information, please, contact Your local Consulate of Russian Federation.

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Russian Business Visa

Russian business visa is the perfect solution if you often visit Russia. Business visa to Russia permits you to stay in the country for necessary time and to cross the border several times. This is an opportunity to open a business in Russia, to enter the partnership agreements with companies in Russia.

Business visa to Russia suits for persons who want to stay in Russian Federation more than 30 days and cross the border several times. Business visa can be issued up to 12 months and can be single, double or multiple entry.

To obtain a business visa to Russia you need a personal invitation. This is a document issued by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Department of Russia.
There are following types of business invitations:

  • Original letter of business invitation on a special form of Federal Migration Department.*
  • Electronic invitation from Federal Migration Department — an electronic invitation with barcode, which is sent to the Russian Consulate. *
  • Invitation on the form of inviting company — paper invitation on the form of the company which has special accreditaion in the Federal Migration department.
  • Invitation on the form of The Chamber of Industry and Commerce — CCI assists to representatives of foreign business in providing invitations to enter the Russian Federation under the simplified procedure.

We can also provide invitations from  the FMD  for the following purposes of visiting: maintenance, cultural relations, scientific and technical relations, crew member.  The cost of these invitations should be clarified upon request.
To obtain a business visa, you must follow these rules:

  • Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the visa;
  • You need to apply for a business invitation to Russia not earlier than 45 days before the date of entry in case of Telex invitation; in case of original invitation from Federal Migration Department — no earlier than in 90 days before the date os entry.
  • When making a business visa to Russia with telex invitation, for the issuance of visas in the country other than the country of your citizenship, you must submit an additional document: residence / work permit / letter from your employer.

** The last paragraph does not apply to USA, EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Soth Africa citizens. EU citizens can obtain visas at the Russian consulate in any country in the EU.BUT British nationals require additional documents to obtain visas in the EU.

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* Please pay attention that time of processing  business invitations via Federal Migration Department are always approximate, there can be delays in issuing.


Russian Entry Requirements

Entry requiments for foreigners:

Tourist Travel to Russia

  1. Passport must be valid at least 3 months after the visa expires;
  2. Tickets and documents,  that prove the period of Your stay in Russia;
  3. Russian tourist Visa.

Business Travel to Russia

  1. Passport must be valid at least 6 months after the visa expires;
  2. Tickets and documents, that prove the period of Your stay in Russia;
  3. Russian business Visa;
  4. If You stay in Russia more than 3 months, or if you have a multiple entry visa, an HIV test is required;
  5. Medical insurance.


Russian visa requirements

After you get an invitation from a company that invites you as a foreign tourist, the next step for you is presentation all necessary documents at The Consulate of Russian Federation in the country of citizenship. The list of documents for a Russian visa can vary in different Consulates. But the main points are:

  • Your passport ( your ID)
  • 3-4 identical photographs of a standard size
  • Russian Visa Application Form already filled in
  • An invitation to Russia
  • Medical insurance, covering all the period you stay in Russia
  • If you are going to stay in Russia more than 3 months or you apply for a multiple entry visa, an HIV test is required

Attention! The consulate has the right tomake changes to this list without warning or advance notice. Before you start preparing document for an invitation to Russia, ask for information in The Consulate of Russian Federation.

Preparing visa to Russia takes on average from 1 to 3 days, but it’s needed to specify an exact period in a concrete consulate, where you will apply for a visa.

You should contact our company to receive an invitation to Russia. You will find an application form on our web site that is to fill in according to what type of invitation you need. An invitation is the only basis for arrival to the territory of Russian Federation.

You should present the following documents to obtain an invitation to Russia for a foreign tourist:

If  the period of your stay in Russia is no more than 30 days, the easiest and quickest way to make a visa is a tourist invitation. In our company you can get the tourist invitation simply for a couple of minutes.

  • For a single entry visa: a copy of passport belonging to a person who is invited and dates for period of stay in Russia
  • For a multiple entry visa ( business visa):a copy of the first page of passport belonging to a person who is invited, also information about cities of visit in Russia, average dates of stay in the country, workplace of  an invited person ( a company must be abroad Russia), his position, country and city of living, country and city of birth.


Notification of being registered in Moscow

Federal Migration Service should be notified about your arrival  within 7 working days upon arrival (starting from the date of arrival)  to the Russian Federation  (excluding weekends and official holidays).

There are three ways to get registered within the Federal Migration Service:

  1. Visa registration at a hotel where You’re staying.
    If You are going to stay at a hotel, then the hotel  must take care of Your Visa registration in the local UVIR (Police).
  2. Visa registration  at an inviting Travel Agency or company.
    You have to visit our office within 7 working days from the date of arrival (date of arrival is included in these 7 days). We will perform the data of your visa registration in the UVIR (Police).
  3. Visa registration at the Police with apartments owner.
    In case the owner is not able to register You, please contact your inviting Travel Agency or company during first 7 working days.